Meeting Needs for Meetings that Matter

Town Events Management is an experienced, fully bilingual, (English / French), and highly service oriented meeting and event planner firm based in Toronto, Canada.

We begin our planning process with the essential building blocks: establishing the program goals and objectives, developing the budget parameters, determining the project plan and critical timelines, and selecting the perfect site to host your event.

Town Events Management ...Meeting Needs for Meetings that Matter!
Recent Sample Client List
Program Description Dates / Locations
EYS Reading Association:
Reading for the Love of It
Conference, Trade Show, Receptions,
2010 - 2016 - Toronto
International Institute on Special Needs
Offenders /
Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General /
Correctional Services Canada
International Conferences, Workshops,
Site Tours 
2000 - 2015 - Canada, Kenya
Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership
Corporation (OTMPC) 
Conferences / Marketplaces, Trade
Shows, Special Events, Site Tours
1994 - 2010 - Ontario-wide locations
Ontario Ministry of Government Services
SHOWCASE Ontario - Trade Show 
2010 / 2011 - Toronto
Convenience U / CARWACS Show 
Conference, Trade Show, Banquet
2004 - 2009 - Toronto / Calgary
Summit Circuit
Corporate Meetings, Trade Shows,
Special Events & Location Site Tours
2002 - 2015 - Brazil, Canada, Dominican
Republic, France, Guatemala, Hungary,
Jamaica, Panama, Spain, USA